Former DEA Agent Carl Force, who was involved in a Baltimore-based investigation of the Silk Road, has agreed to plead guilty to money laundering and extortion charges. While investigating the online marketplace where users could purchase and sell illegal goods, Force took around $400,000 in bitcoin.

Another agent involved in the Silk Road investigation, Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges, agreed last week to plead guilty to similar charges of money laundering.

Force assumed an anonymous alias and negotiated directly with Ross Ulbricht, the operator of the Silk Road website recently sentenced to life in prison. Force extorted information from and sold information to Ulbricht regarding details on the government investigation.

The Silk Road was a place where users could buy and sell any type of goods using the digital currency Bitcoin. While legal items were sold, about 70% of Silk Road's products consisted of illegal drugs. The Silk Road is accredited for being one of the first and largest markets where items could be purchased using Bitcoin.