The Puyallup Tribe recently announced that the Tribe and the State of Washington’s State Liquor and Marijuana Board have agreed to a first of its kind compact allowing the Tribe to offer safety and potency testing to other holders of state marijuana licenses and educational institutions.

The compact marks the third such compact between Native American Tribes and the State of Washington. However, the Puyallup Tribe’s approach to Tribal Marijuana industry is unique in that the Tribe is focusing on the testing and processing for other producers rather than immediately opening retail operations as the Squaxin Island and Suquamish Tribes recently completed.

These Tribes and the State of Washington seem to be forming an approach that may become the standard for dealing with the State/Tribal relationships on marijuana related issues via a compacting process. Some fear that this Tribal gaming compact-style approach to the State/Tribe marijuana relationship will lead to similar issues that gaming Tribes face; especially when it comes to time to negotiating new compacts.

It remains to be seen whether other Tribes and States take a similar approach. But for now, these Tribes are leading the way in forging negotiated relationships on marijuana in the states in which they reside.