Roger Ver and Chinese Bitcoin exchange OKCoin are engaged in a highly public legal dispute regarding a contract both parties signed for control of the domain.

Earlier this year, Bitcoin entrepreneur Roger Ver and OKCoin agreed on a 5-year deal allowing OKCoin to control and redesign in order to generate revenue and, in turn, pay Roger Ver a minimum of $10k per month. Ver is the owner of

OKCoin made the dispute public through a blog post posted on May 23rd, claiming that Ver had a criminal history that prevented the exchange from continuing monthly payments. The blog post also claimed that the contract signed by Ver was with "OKCoin", an entity that wasn't the actual OKCoin. OKCoin blamed this action on former CTO Changpeng Zhao, who left OKCoin in February.

A series of emails were released by Ver that detail the communication between Ver, OKCoin's Jack Liu and CEO Star Xu. In the emails that took place over a several month period, OKCoin makes continuous excuses as to why some of the payments to Ver are late. This continues until OKCoin cites Ver's criminal involvement with Ripple Labs, Inc. as the reason they can not make the $10k payment.

Additionally, OKCoin's alleged lawyer appears to not understand English, with OKCoin admitting that he worked on the contract using Google to translate between English and Mandarin.

OKCoin then produced a version of the agreed contract between Ver and the exchange, a version that Ver claims to never have signed. Ver is claiming that OKCoin's copy of the contract is fraudulent, and this discrepancy between both parties' version of the contract is in dispute.

Roger Ver is offering $1,000,000 to anyone that can prove his signature was made on OKCoin's version of the contract. OKCoin is in turn offering $20k to prove that Ver did sign their version of the contract.