Blythe Master's firm, Digital Asset Holdings LLC, announced the acquisition of startups Hyperledger and Bits of Proof. Hyperledger is a permission-less private ledger technology targeting financial institutions, and Bits of Proof is a Bitcoin exchange based in Budapest.

Bits of Proof's CEO Tamas Blummer will join Digital Asset Holdings as Chief Ledger Architect, with Hyperledger's Dan O'Prey as CMO and Daniel Feichtinger as part of the engineering team.

Blythe Masters is the Wall Street powerhouse that created the credit default swap in the early 90s. She left her position as an Executive at JPMorgan Chase to found Digital Assets Holdings, a startup aiming to provide blockchain-based securities and settlement in the financial world.

Digital Assets Holdings is not the only company working on blockchain settlement. Symbiont is building on top of Counterparty and the Bitcoin Blockchain in issuing 'Smart Securities'. Counterparty is an open source Bitcoin protocol that allows the creation of tokenized assets, smart contract execution, and a decentralized exchange.

A new startup led by former Google and Nasdaq OMX employees called Blockstack also announced their launch today. Blockstack is looking to utilize Bitcoin's underlying technology to provide financial organizations and banks private blockchains.