If you can connect with someone over the internet, you are able to send them money with Bitcoin instantly with negligible or zero transaction fees.

A business with a consumer base in other countries must deal with local banking system, governmental controls and currency risk that is very inefficient in an online world. As we move to a move globalized economy, Bitcoin may become the best payment medium for doing business internationally. Bitcoin allows businesses to efficiently transact with any customer base worldwide: no frozen transactions or hidden banking fees.

Bitcoin also has the potential to impact international trade. Imagine this scenario: You are a shipping company that sends large cargo ships to ports all over the world. Each cargo ship holds millions of dollars worth of cargo. As your ship enters the port, your buyer can send you the irreversible $30 million dollar payment you are due in Bitcoin instantly with Bitcoin and the first confirmation of the transaction can be anticipated in less than ten minutes; for negligible transaction fees. No bank in the world can compete with those efficiencies. While the regulatory and tax treatment of such Bitcoin transactions is still developing in each country, it is likely that some jurisdictions will realize the financial benefits of transacting in Bitcoin and will draft regulations that are Bitcoin "friendly" as a means to attract this economic development.