GAW Miners, a fraudulent cryptocurrency mining company owned and operated by Josh Garza (also responsible for the PayBase scam) has been been ruled against in a default judgement case by the Mississippi district court. The court ruled in favor of the Mississippi Power Company, which filed suit against GAW Miners back in April for failing to pay its electricity bill.

GAW Miners and Josh Garza have failed to respond to the lawsuit, leading the Mississippi court to rule in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $340,000.

GAW also failed to appear in a lawsuit by two former customers seeking damages against the company for its fraudulent mining services and paycoin scam. Paycoin was a cryptocurrency "pumped and dumped" by Josh Garza that promised unrealistic returns and defrauded investors. The entirety of Paycoin and Paybase came crashing down in a bizarre fallout of Garza and his associates.